Gear Box Computers - Gearbox took money but will not resolve problem

Mckinney, Texas 2 comments

I paid for a subscription to IP Watcher and it worked for a while. It then disappeared and would not allow me to reload it without paying the fees all over again.

I have e-mailed support several times and even left messages on his (Paul) voicemail, but after six months of no replies I have to believe this was just a scam in the first place. I will be using another more reputable company for this type of program in the future.

I SUGGEST YOU STAY CLEAR OF GEAR BOX COMPUTERS FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS! It's a good thing that the software only cost $9.95, at least I did not lose a large amount.,

Review about: Ip Watcher.

Monetary Loss: $9.



Same problem here. Worked for a little while then stopped. Will seek recovery via small claims.


I agree except now you can't contact them at all and the price has jumped to $26.00 and the money is collected by a 3rd party .... now maybe people will understand why so many people pirate software ...

they deserve what they get .... JMHO

Gear Box Computers Is A Scam

Cleveland, Ohio 0 comments
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I took my my laptop to these guys because, on accident, my brother broke the plastic screen around it. They told me it was a rare model laptop (It was a newer dell laptop I have seen a thousand others with) but they would able to fix it.

I was told just be a little careful with it. That was all. They charged me 150 dollars. I got it back at it was very, very shady work.

They explained that it was the best they could do and as long as i was careful with it, it would last a long time. Not even 3 months later the casing came completely apart from the piece of tape, I found out, they put on it to hold it together.($150 piece of tape?) I called up and they said to bring it in. My girlfriend dropped it off and they said they would fix it right away. Long story short, I called a week later.

Was told they weren't fixing it, they were to busy to call and tell me. Told me I wasn't even supposed to ever shut or open the laptop (never told that) was told the prices of the pieces that should have been replaced(cheaper than what I was charged including with there $59.95 labor charge), and that they were too busy to deal with me. When I tried to talk to him as another person who runs a business and assure him I was not mad and was just trying to find a solution he told me he was getting aggravated. I ask him, "aggravated?

Why, just a customer trying to figure out what's going on with his computer" this infuriated him. He started threatening me over the phone and told me to "bring it". Thing is, I was only a few houses away and informed him I would be there in 8 seconds. I walk up.

His kid is next door grabbing a guy from the nail salon. I walk up, Paul is hiding in the office, the kid hands me my broken computer (and luckily for me the 150 I paid) and tells me to leave. I ask to speak to Paul, he says he is not there. I figure whatever, atleast got my money back.

tell the kid(who works there) this is why everyone has bad posts on the internet about this place and his dad is a chump for talking big on the phone and then hiding. I walk to my car, start to put the computer in and that's when(30 seconds later) the 5'6 140lb. son comes out threatening me and talking trash. So I step back towards the building and he runs back inside and locks the door and continues to threaten me as I laugh at him.

I am not one for violence or even much confrontation but you only can be pushed so far. This place is a joke.

Save yourself some time and find a more reputable place. This many people complaining can not be wrong.

Review about: Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Stay far far away from gear box computers.

Atlanta, Georgia 3 comments
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2 months ago I was looking for a used laptop for my son so i vistited gear box on snow. The prices that they charged for older computer equipment was crazy.

When you buy a 5 year old computer the chances of having problems with it within 6 months is very high, and a 30 day warranty is not enough. If they were honest people they would offer a 6-12 month warranty right off the bat, but since they know you will need them to fix the computer they dont. I am a honest business man that lives in the Cleveland area, and truly believes that a business that purposely sells a product that sooner than later will need service and will rip off the customer is bad business. Purchasing a used computer is a risky purchase (like purchasing a used car) to do it correctly you must do alot of research to do it right.

They r also very dishonest right off the bat by doing the main part of there advertising on craigslist.

craigslist is not meant for businesses and gearbox abuses it and refuses to stop. thats shows how dishonest they are right there. When considering purchasing a used computer they best way to handle it in my opinion(and my 10 purchases so far have all been great) is not to buy from a business that is just waiting for the product they ripped you of on to fail, but to purchases from the legit people who are not a business and try to get the best deal.

But if you dont want to do the research involved in making a wise decission, then go to gear box and get ripped off. They will be waiting for you with smiles on there faces!

Review about: Used Laptop.



I bought a laptop from them about a year and half ago and it has been working great the only thing it has wrong with it one of the hindges holding the screen had a little crack when I bought it. I did drop it and it cracked a little more but its still runs completely smooth.

I also got a really nasty virus and took it back to them because I could not fix it and I am very very tech savy. I asked him if he could restore it to the way they sold it to me and he said sure. I went to get my haircut stopped back in and it was done and they guy didn't charge me the 25 it was supposed to be.

My mom also brought here laptop in to be fixed because my brother dropped it. Now I had oppened it up to fix it but i did not have the steady hands or the means to fix it, a few of the pins had broke on the board.

He had fixed after a few months. sure it was a few months but he had to order a new peice of a equipment to fix it rather than tell us that we needed to buy a new mother board if we wish to keep it, that was only 50.

Now yea reading all these posts everyone about them makes still makes me uneasy about going there. However I did wish to post my experience there, and it was good so far.


i bought a program from them and after 6 month the registration key stop working, i contact them 25 time with no answer ,that is there kind of service stay away from this company they will still your money


Unless a piece of hardware fails it is not their problem. I needed six PC's and I walked in this store and pointed at the six I wanted.

Without looking at them I knew what work would need to be done. If you want a brand new unit stop being cheap and buy new.

Avoid Gear Box Computers in BrookPark

Cleveland, Ohio 39 comments
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Guy is a crook. Sold me a piece of junk Dell D620 Laptop, guaranteed the computer to work fine. Computer failed less than 2 months later, and called to ask him what could be wrong, which is ALL I asked. He told me "Boo hoo, cry me a river." and hung up on me. Didn't answer his phone afterwards at all from my number. Is that the way to treat a customer?

He also harasses sellers on craigslist by posting false ads that portray his "competition" and threatens to "get them" on a regular basis. He criticizes legitimate businesses that pay their taxes, but he sells large amounts of computers and doesn't file taxes. He claims the competition is harassing him, when he is the one harassing them.

This guy is a crook, and I would not deal with him at all. There are many people I have talked to that have been screwed by him, and he gave them a similar situation.

His Location and phone is

Gear Box Computers

15535 Snow Road

BrookPark Ohio 44142


Avoid him at ALL COSTS unless you want to be screwed out of your hard earned money.

Review about: Dell D620.

Monetary Loss: $220.



You're right when you said he was a crook! His name is Paul Williams and it is a matter of public record that he did 8 years in Ohio Prisons for dealing drugs. Some things never change!


We bought 2 Dell D620's and 1 Dell D630 in 2011 for business use from Gearbox. No problems so far.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to buy a laptop for my daughter from Gearbox.

My brothers desktop for work crashed and these guys fixed it. I'll bet that whoever wrote the negative comments probably have their own stores and can't compete...I'll be buying from these guys

Bryan P.

In response to Lanette (Paul). I mean we all know it's you.

I am not "his competition" trying to smear him. There's not even another computer place around, so Im pretty sure no one is. Myself and the other 100 or so people that he has screwed over, lied to, and threatened have real complaints. I mean this many people can not all be wrong.

If anyone does not believe I am a real customer or have any questions about this crook.

Im easily found. Look at my name and I graduated from Midpark.

Bryan P.

Avoid them at all costs. Shady work, will not fix properly, and will threaten you over the phone if you call about it two months later. Well they threaten you until you show up, and then they hide in the back.


I have a problem with software I purchased from gearbox computers I have emailed them 3 times now but no reply ate they a ***


GEAR BOX IS EXCELLENT! I have taken three computers to Paul, the owner to fix and bought a 22 inch monitor from them.

Two of the three computers were fixed without problems. The third had a new issue when I got it back. I took it back to him and he fixed that issue at no charge. One of the computers I brought in for my elderly Mother.

It would have been easiest to just wipe out the computer and reinstall windows, but my Mother did't want to have to start new. Paul spent endless hours trying to fix the issues without wiping it out. My Mother was extremely pleased when she got it back. Despite working on it for many, many hours, Paul still only charged the flat $59.99 fee.

I have dealt with many computer stores over the years, and this store is EXCELLENT! Shame on you people trying to bring down your new competition.

Just because he is the new store in the neighborhood and does excellent work at a much better price. This smear campaign is aweful.

to Lanette Muzie #1024275

I have bad news for you. The tech could have wiped the computer and then restored your grandmother's files and settings instead of "spending hours" fixing it.

This would have left the computer seeming "faster" as it wouldn't be bogged down with all the extra detritus people seem to accumulate in their profiles and it would still feel the same to your grandmother. Additionally, you would have realized that the work put into the job wasn't really worth $60.

to Anonymous #1160544

That litterlly makes no sense...


Bought item over the internet and never received it. Doesn't answer emails or phone. He's a scammer, plain and simple.


This is a smear job, see for yourself these guys will not rip you off.


I bought a HP laptop over a month ago. We are very pleased with it !!!!!Use it everyday for hours and NO issues. :)


These people should be shut down. They don't respond once they have your money.

Don't waste your time or money and buy from them. You will be sorry.


gear box computers sell nothing but junk i bought a desktop there about 5 months ago & have had nothing but problems i would not recommend these idiots to anyone please do not from these jerks


I purchased a HP Laptop from this store last year. The Computer was in beautiful condition, but unfortunately the Wireless card was a POS.

The owner worked hard to correct the problem and when that failed he returned my money in full without question.

It's my firm belief that retail businesses like these count on their reputation, without it they won't be in business very long. Gearbox is doing there best in a tough market.


There are 4 pages of problems i think that says there is a problem with there biz.

But hey if you dont think so just read all the post of problems.

But really everything is over priced. The d620 have screen and battery issues as there over 5 years old. and some of the older dells have bad caps so i think people are right


Just went there and got a d620 laptop for 199 got home the battery only last 20 min so i called them and they said i was lying and to come back. So now im out gas money and time due to they sold me a untested laptop...


Some craigslist dealers trying to eliminate competition. I know the hard working Gearbox guys personally - and complaint about them is BOGUS


They sell software that requires activation that bios updates etc. will cause deactivation.

Their support is non existent and they are dishonest. They will not correct the problem, they ignore phone calls.

They rewrite posts on their support board to hide the facts. Avoid them at all costs.


This place is mess junk all over the place stuff is 3-10 years old for outdated hard to upgrade junk.

Very rude when calling out


I've been in The Gear Box store and was pleased with the service offered and the owner is a good person. I am an educated IT professional and have been in many establishments.

I could honestly say that there are many crooked computer shops in Northeast Ohio but Gear Box is not one of them. The only reason this guy is given a hard time is because he's making a come up in the business and Cleveland is full of haters and followers. It's really ashame that many try to bash a guy trying to make a living selling decent pc's and offering good service. Do you have any clue what it costs to lease that building he's in?

ALOT!! If all accusations were true then he'd be selling for a lot more than he advertises and charging big time prices for services.


i bought a dual core dell desktop got home my bf was going to put a video card in it but cant because its a sff these systems are junk and cant be upgraded. i could of went to the store for 50 bucks more and got something 100x better that was brand new. i called them on this and they said no returns and hung up the phone

Great biz there


I just bought a laptop and the screen sucks and the battery only last 30 min wtf should of paid 100 bucks more and bought a brand new one


I live near gear box, have been there quite a few times now, and i recently just purchased a beautiful laptop. i also kno people whom purchased computers there as well.

They're customer service ia great, and the computers are priced competively. I've heard NO complaints from any real people who bought from them.

Ridgetucky, u have horrible business ethics that are child like. Get a grip on life!!


these guys suck balls




probally why your laptop stopped working is because you dumped a cup of coffee on it and than tried to rinse it off in the sink... get a life dude these guys rock


Wow these scumbags are lying right now

To your face. Only had 5 complains?

Since I've been usng cl about a year and a half ago

I've seen about 20 different adds claiming you sell trash

That quits working

Your business tactics are flawed and word is out that

Yo guys arescumbags

You bettermove locations again before you have

People standing in front of your store saying your computers

Are junk all hours of business to ppl walking into your scam

Buyer beware these ppl are spam and overpost there 10 yr old trash

For ridiculous prices

*** at it's dirtiest


You guys sell 10 year old junk for full retail, spam cl, and need to act more like a biz and run ads like other store and stop spamming craigslist.

The reason there are so many new post is because people found out about this when the user posted a link on cl retard


Anyone that has ever been in the store knows that we stand behind our computers. While competition may want to play childish games and make it seem as though we are running a bad business, it just makes him look worse.

It must be a coincidence that everyone who has ever had a "problem" with a computer we sold them all reported within minutes of eachother. Also for the record, searching our database we have no record of a Tyron, Anne, or Kane. Anyone who knows our business knows they can call and we will definately work something out. We do give a warranty and we stand behind it.

We have had a total of 5 or 6 people with problems with something we sold them even outside of warranty we will almost always fix it for free OUTSIDE OF WARRANTY. Anyone who knows us knows that these accusations are unfounded and completely false. If anyone at this moment has a problem with their computer that they purchased from us can feel free to come in and we will figure out the best course of action.

Please dont trust upset competitors. Thank you for reading this wall of text :)


Man they did the same *** to me sold me junk and won't fix it now


Gearbox is a complete waste... there computers are not worth 10 dollars and constantly over-spamming the craigslist world... these guys are ***.

over priced

over spam +

= gearbox b.s.




I bought a dell desktop about 2 mo ago and after reading stuff on cl i opened the case to find all the caps where busted and now the computer turns off and on all the time. I google this and its a common issues with older dells.

Yes i only paid 65 bucks plus tax but still they shouldn't be selling bad stuff like that.


Service sucks computer quit working after 31 days glad i found this so others can see because i keep posting it on craigslist and they keep flagging it so no one can read it. grow up act your age people


i just picked up a dell laptop. the screen sucks and battery only last 25 min wtf, I called them and they hung up on me saying *** off go buy new what do you expect for a used laptop

wow beware


me and my son both purchased computers from gearbox and both are running strong still. they gave the best deal and best features for half what others wanted on craiglist. they rock

Steveston, British Columbia, Canada #256603



North Ridgeville dont even sell laptops so hes not your comp. You must of pissed someone off


Oh yeah i forgot we did sell a ton of those d620 back in dec Owell deal with it

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