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Guy is a crook. Sold me a piece of junk Dell D620 Laptop, guaranteed the computer to work fine. Computer failed less than 2 months later, and called to ask him what could be wrong, which is ALL I asked. He told me "Boo hoo, cry me a river." and hung up on me. Didn't answer his phone afterwards at all from my number. Is that the way to treat a customer?

He also harasses sellers on craigslist by posting false ads that portray his "competition" and threatens to "get them" on a regular basis. He criticizes legitimate businesses that pay their taxes, but he sells large amounts of computers and doesn't file taxes. He claims the competition is harassing him, when he is the one harassing them.

This guy is a crook, and I would not deal with him at all. There are many people I have talked to that have been screwed by him, and he gave them a similar situation.

His Location and phone is

Gear Box Computers

15535 Snow Road

BrookPark Ohio 44142


Avoid him at ALL COSTS unless you want to be screwed out of your hard earned money.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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You're right when you said he was a crook! His name is Paul Williams and it is a matter of public record that he did 8 years in Ohio Prisons for dealing drugs. Some things never change!


We bought 2 Dell D620's and 1 Dell D630 in 2011 for business use from Gearbox.No problems so far.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to buy a laptop for my daughter from Gearbox.

My brothers desktop for work crashed and these guys fixed it.I'll bet that whoever wrote the negative comments probably have their own stores and can't compete...I'll be buying from these guys

Bryan P.

In response to Lanette (Paul).I mean we all know it's you.

I am not "his competition" trying to smear him. There's not even another computer place around, so Im pretty sure no one is. Myself and the other 100 or so people that he has screwed over, lied to, and threatened have real complaints. I mean this many people can not all be wrong.

If anyone does not believe I am a real customer or have any questions about this crook.

Im easily found.Look at my name and I graduated from Midpark.

Bryan P.

Avoid them at all costs. Shady work, will not fix properly, and will threaten you over the phone if you call about it two months later. Well they threaten you until you show up, and then they hide in the back.


I have a problem with software I purchased from gearbox computers I have emailed them 3 times now but no reply ate they a ***


GEAR BOX IS EXCELLENT!I have taken three computers to Paul, the owner to fix and bought a 22 inch monitor from them.

Two of the three computers were fixed without problems. The third had a new issue when I got it back. I took it back to him and he fixed that issue at no charge. One of the computers I brought in for my elderly Mother.

It would have been easiest to just wipe out the computer and reinstall windows, but my Mother did't want to have to start new. Paul spent endless hours trying to fix the issues without wiping it out. My Mother was extremely pleased when she got it back. Despite working on it for many, many hours, Paul still only charged the flat $59.99 fee.

I have dealt with many computer stores over the years, and this store is EXCELLENT! Shame on you people trying to bring down your new competition.

Just because he is the new store in the neighborhood and does excellent work at a much better price.This smear campaign is aweful.

to Lanette Muzie #1024275

I have bad news for you.The tech could have wiped the computer and then restored your grandmother's files and settings instead of "spending hours" fixing it.

This would have left the computer seeming "faster" as it wouldn't be bogged down with all the extra detritus people seem to accumulate in their profiles and it would still feel the same to your grandmother.Additionally, you would have realized that the work put into the job wasn't really worth $60.

to Anonymous #1160544

That litterlly makes no sense...


Bought item over the internet and never received it. Doesn't answer emails or phone. He's a scammer, plain and simple.


This is a smear job, see for yourself these guys will not rip you off.

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